Minotaur (Project Zulu)
Project Zulu - Minotaur - In Labyrinth
Health Unknown
Damage Unknown
Armor Unknown
Aggression Hostile
Added By Project Zulu
Spawn Egg Spawn Minotaur (Project Zulu)
For Twilight Forest Minotaur, see Minotaur (Twilight Forest).

Minotaur is a mob added by Project Zulu and are found in Labyrinths added by the same mod. They are hostile mobs found in Labyrinths. It attacks in the similar way a zombie does carrying a weapon and deals 3-6 damage. It has the ability to charge, momentarily increasing its speed.

Upon death it can drop Fur Pelts, Large Hearts, Scrap Meat, and/or Ectoplasm.