Minotaur (Twilight Forest)
Minotaur (Twilight Forest) ig
Health 30 (Heartx15)
Damage 10 (HeartHeartHeartHeartHeart)
Armor 0
Aggression Hostile
Spawns Labyrinth (Twilight Forest)
Drops Raw Meef 0-1 Raw Meef
Emerald Shard 0-1 Emerald Shard
16px 0-1 Golden Axe
16px Experience Orb
Added By Twilight Forest
Spawn Egg Spawn Minotaur (Twilight Forest)
For Project Zulu mob by the same name, see Minotaur (Project Zulu).

The Minotaur is a hostile mob added by the Twilight Forest mod. They spawn exclusively in Labyrinths, and carry Golden Axes. They seem to be the minions of the Minoshroom.


Minotaurs only spawn from the Minotaur Spawner in the Twilight Forest Labyrinth. The spawner is in a big room with 4 pillars, with one pillar containing the spawner, two pillars containing a chest, and the last pillar containing a TNT trap.


Minotaurs will occasionally moo, like a Cow. This will warn the player of the presence of a minotaur nearby. They have two attacks, both dealing 10 (HeartHeartHeartHeartHeart) points of damage:

Normal AttackEdit

Like most mobs, Minotaurs have a melee attack. If they are close enough, they will swing their axe at you, dealing damage.

Charge AttackEdit

Minotaurs also have a charge attack, in which they will pause for ~2seconds and then run quickly at the target and knock it up as well as hurting the target.


They drop Raw Meef and rarely a Golden Axe And very Rarely they will also drop a horn.


Two Minotaur in the Labyrinth, noticing the player

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