The Minotaur Boss is a boss added by Better Dungeons.

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Minotaur boss (Baddass Minotaur) spawns at Minotaur castle. When killed, he drops Experience Orbs and the Earth Crusher, a powerful sword.

Method of AttackEdit

The Minotaur Boss has 2 attacks

  1. Charge

The Minotaur Boss's primary method of attack is with his speed. He will attempt to "charge" you down, running much faster than a player. To counter this, either equip Cloud Boots or use Speed Potions, or simply move out of the way and attack him when he goes by.

2. Earth Crusher

Occasionally, the Minotaur will send a shockwave at the player, knocking them back but doing minimal damage. The primary purpose of this attack seems to be preventing the player from getting too close to the Minotaur, so the Minotaur may charge them down better.

Strategies and Equipment Edit

In order to fight the Minotaur, a player will likely need Diamond armor or enchanted Iron armor at minimum, with as powerful a sword as they can find.

The Minotaur has high health, but no defense, so a Diamond Giant Sword or a Diamond Bigsword will do the job nicely. In lieu of either of those, any weapon with high base damage will do nicely.

The Minotaur will spend most of the fight charging at you, or running off to turn around and charge at you again. Either you can run after him when he runs away and attempt to strike him then, or you can avoid the attacks when he charges at you. Once he starts charging at you, his turning speed is very limited. Using either of these methods will kill the Minotaur quickly and easily, allowing one to acquire the Earth Crusher

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