There are many mobs in Hexxit all ranging from small and creepy to giant and heartless. These are just some of them:

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Creature Table
Mob Name Mob Type Mod Pack Hit Points Biome Notes Image
Alien CreeperMobFalling Meteors Mod20Meteor Strikes They're known to pull in a player within its radius before exploding. Their explosive range is also larger than a standard creeper. It sometimes drops red meteor gems when killed.
Falling Meteors - Alien Creeper
ArmadilloCreatureProject Zulu1-10Red Mountain A mob found in red cobble biomes. They have a chance of dropping scales upon death.
ChocoboCreatureChococraft30-50Anywhere A wild, ostrich-like bird from the Final Fantasy series of games. Tamed with gysahal green and can be ridden/flown. The yellow and purple can be found in the wild.
Comet KittyCreatureFalling Meteors Mod16Kitty Meteors An adorable otherworldly kitten. It always keeps its helmet.
HarbingerMobHarken Scythe250Anywhere Has the ability to teleport and spawn in spectral mobs when attacked.
2013-07-08 21.43.54
HydraBossTwilight Forest2000Hydra Lairs within Fire Swamps A many-headed snake which grows up to 7 heads.
Lich KingBoss Twilight Forest100Lich Tower A tall humanoid skeleton wearing a purple cape, and a large golden crown.
Lich king
LizardMobProject Zulu20Desert The lizard is a hostile mob that will shoot out poison balls at the player.
NagaBossTwilight Forest200Naga Courtyard A large, serpent-like creature. Decreases in size when damaged.
NecromancerBossBetter Dungeons110Necromancer Keeps and Dungeons Found in a few dungeons. They can nauseate the player, steal HP and summon skeleton bodyguards.
OstrichCreatureProject Zulu15Deserts and Savannas Large, bipedal fowl.
PharaohBossProject Zulu200Desert A boss that can be spawned in (See attached page).He can summon mummies which will attack the player.
Pig MageBossBetter Dungeons260Nether Cities Unlike vanilla Pig Zombies, they are always hostile. Attacking it will not aggro the vanilla Pig Zombies.
Pig mage
PelicanCreature20Beaches A flying creature. Drops Talons.
RabbitCreatureProject Zulu10Forests Drops scrap meat and rarely rabbit feet.
RhinoCreatureProject Zulu20Savanna Peaceful until attacked.
SandwormCreatureProject Zulu20Desert They camouflage themselves with a skin texture that looks like sand, however is slightly less defined. They change to a dark red once hit or if the player walks too close.
VultureCreatureProject Zulu14Desert, Cracked Sand A flying mob which is hard to reach.
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