ID 7653
Stackable No
Type Weapons
Craftable No
Is Loot Yes
Durability 2048
Damage 6 (HeartHeartHeart)
Effects Resistance I (when blocking)
Added By Better Dungeons
Better Dungeons - Moonlight

The player holding the Moonlight at sunset

Moonlight is a weapon added by Better Dungeons. Moonlight cannot be crafted, but is a drop from the Goblin Boss. Moonlight offers a potentially infinite Resistance buff when using its right-click ability, which ends as soon as the player releases right-click. It can be repaired on an anvil with iron ingots.

If you don't have a Giant Sword or Shield to block with, Moonlight can be an adequate alternative. This blocking effect doesn't seem to lower the durability of the Moonlight.

Better Dungeons - Moonlight - Blocking

The right click abilitiy (blocking) in effect. Notice the Resistance icon on the screen.

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