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This describes the NBT Format added by Tinkers' Construct mod. All tools in the mod have these tags.


(C)tag: Used to store item's tag

(C)display: Tag for Tooltip purpose (and Leather Armor Color in vanilla)
(T)Name: Item's Name, can use vanilla Color Codes
(C)InfiTool: Tag for Tinkers' Construct data
(B)Broken: Determines if the tool is broken.
(B)Built: Self-explanitory.
(B)Diamond: Determines if there is a diamond on the tool.
(B)Emerald: Determines if there is an emerald on the tool.
(I)Accessory: Material ID of the tool accessory (i.e. large guard)
(I)Attack: Amount of damage the tool does.
(I)BaseDurability: Unmodified Durability.
(I)BonusDurability: Added Durability.
(I)Damage: How damaged the tool is.
(I)Effect1: ID of modifier. This goes on for each added modifier. (i.e. Effect2, Effect3, Effect4...)
(I)Extra: The material ID of the extra tool part.
(I)Handle: The material ID of the tool handle.
(I)HarvestLevel: Tool's harvesting level.
(I)HarvestLevel2: Unknown.
(I)Head: The material ID of the tool head.
(I)MiningSpeed: How fast the tool can harvest. This is actually a decimal number (so 175 would be 1.75).
(I)MiningSpeed2: Like a mattock that has another use, this will be the second head's speed.
(I)Modifiers: Amount of modifiers left.
(I)Necrotic: Life steal
(I)RenderAccessory: Material ID of the accessory to render.
(I)RenderExtra: Material ID of the extra tool part to render
(I)RenderHandle: Material ID of the handle to render.
(I)RenderHead: Material ID of the head to render.
(I)TotalDurability: BaseDurability, BonusDurability, and ModDurability all added.
(I)Unbreaking: Reinforced level. 10 is unbreaking.
(F)ModDurability: Unknown. Extra Durability, like BonusDurability?
(F)Shoddy: Positive numbers mean Stonebound, and negative numbers mean Jagged.
(IA)Blaze: Unknown.
  • (C) Indicates Compound
  • (T) Indicates Text/String
  • (I) Indicates Integer Value
  • (B) Indicates Byte Value
  • (F) Indicates Float Value
  • (IA) Indicates Integer Array

Material IDs Edit

These are the different materials and what their ID is (what it is referred to in some of the tags).

ID Material
0 Wood
1 Stone
2 Iron
3 Flint
4 Cactus
5 Bone
6 Obsidian
7 Netherrack
8 Green Slime
9 Paper
10 Cobalt
11 Ardite
12 Manyullyn
13 Copper
14 Bronze
15 Alumite
16 Steel
17 Blue Slime

Effect IDs Edit

These are the different effects and what their ID is (what it is referred to in some of the tags). Remember these are just for the design of the tool.

ID Effect Item used
0 Diamond +500 Diamond
1 Emerald +50% Emerald
2 Haste Redstone
3 Knockback Piston
4 Autorepair Ball of Moss
5 Colors the head light blue Unknown
6 Auto-smelt Lava Crystal
7 Fiery Blaze Powder
8 Life Steal Necrotic Bone
9 Powered Leadstone Energy Cell
10 Luck Lapis
11 Sharpness Nether Quartz
12 Silk Touch Silky Jewel
13 Beheading Ender pearl & Obsidian
14 Smite Consecrated Soil
15 Reinforced Obsidian Large Plate
16 Powered Hardened Flux Capacitor