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Biomes Desert, Plains
Type Dungeons
Size Unknown
Added By Better Dungeons
2013-08-16 00.22.16

neaEkkleasia Necromancer

NeaEkkleasia is a sandstone castle, which is a structure generated by the Better Dungeons mod. It is spawned in the Plains and Desert biomes and is mainly composed of desert blocks like sand, sandstone, and End Stone. This structure is a great way to gather End Stone without the hassle of finding a Stronghold and traveling to the End. NeaEkkleasia consists of three floors: the entrance floor or "Great Hall", a balcony floor above, and a large room below with balconies going down to the boss. There is also a large carpeted balcony with a Large Chest.  This castle is guarded by the Better Dungeons Default Mob with the mob's default boss. 

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