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The Necromancer is a boss mob added by the Better Dungeons mod. It is the boss mob for Armed Skeleton dungeons.He appears as a Steve with higher black hair and wearing a black robe.He spawns Skeletal minions to aid him in combat,and fires orbs which heal him if they hit an enemy.He also can cause Nausea.


He mostly spawns unarmed Skeleton Minions, but sometimes rare/ultra skeletons are spawned as well. If you don't defeat the minions quick enough, they will overwhelm you. Many rare skeletons tend to give players the Blindness debuff. 

As well as spawning minions, the Necromancer can attack by shooting lightning and sending little colorful orbs, that, when touched, drain a bit of health from the player and bring it to the necromancer through the same process as it was taken, similar to the Scepter of Life Draining.

Necromancers themselves will shoot health stealing darkness orbs, and on defeat they may drop a Cursed Bone. They possess 120 health and do not have a melee attack.


The Necromancer is found in Armed Skeleton dungeons,mostly in the last dungeon room.However,sometimes he may also walk around in other rooms.

Tips Edit

  • If you're going to attempt a Stronghold Dungeon, the Necromancer is your last enemy. He will wait in front of the last room. The best way to defeat him without getting into trouble is to get him into the water and finish him off in a corner.
  • 8-10 defense armor is recommended,as Necromancer and his minions deal lots of damage.Area damage weaponry,such as Scythes,Glaives and Splash Potions are very useful for dealing with minions.Milk is also useful for removing Nausea and various other debuffs caused by Necromancer minions.
  • Destroy the Skeletons first as they can overwhelm you very quickly.Balance between focusing the Necromancer and killing his minions.
  • His orbs can be blocked.

Trivia Edit

  • Necromancer is a combination of word Necro(Dead) and Mancer(Summoner,Caller).
  • Necromancer can become infernal, but also his minions can become infernal.
  • When killed,the Necromancer turns into a bat and flies off.
  • Necromancer will attack the Pig Mage.
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