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**[[Darkwood Bow]]
**[[Darkwood Bow]]
*[[Flamestring]] (from [[Heatscar Spider]])
*[[Flamestring]] (from [[Heatscar Spider]])
*Imp Leather
*Raw Imp Meat (Maybe cooked with death related to fire, needs verification)

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Visit the Minecraft Wiki for basic information about Nether

The Nether, also referred to as Hell, is a hell-like Vanilla dimension accessible only by entering a Nether Portal from the Overworld. It is home to several hazards, including flames, widespread standing and flowing lava, and Nether-exclusive mobs, as well as exclusive items and blocks.

While the Nether is a vanilla dimension, Hexxit adds much more to it.


The Natura mod adds trees and vegetation to the Nether, enabling the crafting of new wood tools and the collection
Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 11.37.01 AM

Four Nether mobs, from left to right: Nitro Creeper, Baby Heatscar Spider, Heatscar Spider, and Imp.

of new berry variants.

All of the Nether trees' woods can be crafted into different planks and sticks; this adds new types of wood weapons, bows, and tools.

Beyond Natura, there are now also many Nether glowshrooms (in green, blue, and purple) and giant translucent Nether glowshrooms. 


Ores / Metals

These metals are very strong, and requires at least tier 4 (alumite and steel) pickaxes. Unlike DivineRPG Nether ores, they do not behave like cacti.


  • Tainted Soil - Nether trees must grow on this
  • Heat Sand - Heatsand will do 1 point of damage per second to the player if not wearing boots

Terrain Generation

The Nether, outside of its caves, is now a many-layered dimension. The top layer consists primarily of an uneven layer of Netherrack hills, and digging down beneath it will drop you down to the main layer. This layer in itself is multi-layered, but it has the lava oceans and Netherrack hills by which the vanilla Nether is characterized. 

The most prominent new feature of the Hexxit Nether is the generation of Nether Cities. They resemble Overworld Villages but are more complex and larger, with ornate Nether Brick buildings decorated with Glowstone. These cities are essentially massive dungeon complexes, as each building contains multiple spawners and loot. The loot is variable, but most of it is rather valuable (essences, armor, precious minerals) and well worth the excursion. 


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