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Nether Cities
Nether City overview.png
Biomes Hell
Type Village
Size Large
Mobs Armored Pigman

Nether Cities are structures generated by the Better Dungeons mod. Armored Pigmen, which are fairly different from the normal Zombie Pigman, can be found in this dungeon.

Structures[edit | edit source]

Nether Cities boast huge houses/apartments. There are several type of buildings such as blacksmiths, prison cells, apartments as well as the Boss Tower. 

Blacksmith[edit | edit source]

Blacksmith buildings hold an assortment of loot, including minerals and tools.

Houses[edit | edit source]

Three story houses that come in different makes and models. Some contain trap rooms, balconies, paintings, or different-colored wools.


These prison cells have chests containing armor and weapons. You may find Pigman trapped in cells made of Nether brick fences and Nether bricks. 

Boss Tower

These are four story buildings that hold two PigMage s and randomly spawning pigmen. 


Very small, one-story buildings that contain Soul Sand and Netherwart on the porch. These Huts may contain a chest with several items.

Enchanting Tower

This tower contains large open areas that have water and Lapis Lazuli blocks with an enchanting table on top.


Large open structure that contains rails, powered rails, activator rails, and a minecart.

Treasure Room

A two-story building containg many paintings, item frames including the loot placed inside of the frames.

Town Square

A mock-tree structure made out of obsidian and Glowstone.

Strategies and Battle Tactics[edit | edit source]

To clear out the city, one should expect to be overwhelmed unless equipped with protective diamond armor as all Pigmen turn hostile and simultaneously strike when provoked. The Pigman Healer will use a healing staff to support other Pigmen whilst the Pig mage uses magical attacks via Life steal effect and summons the undead to attack. Ranged weapons are recommended as a secondary to pick out shieldless enemies. A powerful melee weapon still works against all pigmens, however, as they are equipped with Iron, Gold and Diamond Armor.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The buildings may contain beds. Attempting to sleep in said beds cause them to explode.
  • The Pigman have mini mines, containing rails and minecarts, which require parts from the Overworld.
  • Nether fortresses can intersect with Nether cities, causing them to merge.
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