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Nitro Creeper

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Nitro Creeper
|image=Natura - Nitro Creeper.png
|drops=0-3 Gunpowder
|damage-easy = 15}}The '''Nitro Creeper''' is a red creeper added by [[Natura]] that is found in the [[Nether]]. Its fuse time is much shorter than a normal creeper's (about half a second). Be cautious, because by the time you hear it, it's too late.
The NitronCreeper is a red coloured creeper that can be found in the nether. It has a very short fuse time so be cautious because once u hear it its probably to late.
The Nitro Creeper is red with pale-red spots all around its body and its texture seems wool-like. Its face has big golden eyes with a small smile. It will explode immediately with a very short charge-up, unlike a normal creeper that charges the explosion and gives you time to run away. This makes it almost impossible to kill it with any melee weapon. Ranged weapons are advisable. Also, if you electrify a Nitro Creeper with a [[Storm Shot]], and kill it, it can loot half a stack of [[Gunpowder]] Making it one of the easiest way to get it.
[[File:Alien_Creepers2.png|thumb|Nitro Creepers and [[Alien Creeper]]s are different things.]]
[[Category:Omega Mobs]]
Nitro Creepers can be found anywhere in the Nether/Hell biome whichever you prefer.
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