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|addedby=Falling Meteors

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Nitro Creeper
File:2013-07-29 15.49.20.png
Health Unknown
Damage Unknown
Armor Unknown
Aggression Yes
Breedable? No
Mountable? No
Tameable? No
Drops 0-3 Gunpowder
Added By Falling Meteors

The Nitro Creeper is a red creeper that is be found in the Nether. Its fuse time is much shorter than a normal creeper's, so be cautious because once you hear it it's probably too late.


The Nitro Creeper is red with pale-red spots all around its body and its texture seems wool-like. Its face has big golden eyes with a small, creepy smile. It will explode immediately with a very short charge-up, unlike a normal creeper that charges the explosion and gives you time to run away.

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