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Observer Dependent Block
ID 1081
Stackable Yes (64)
Type Unknown
Craftable Yes
Added By qCraft

Observer Dependent Block is a block added by qCraft. It allows a block to be crafted that will change it's appearance depending on the direction in which it is observed.

Crafting Edit

QCraft ODB Table

Crafting Observer Dependent Blocks is a bit tedious and does not work with blocks outside of vanilla Minecraft. From the above image, place blocks that are desired to be seen when looked at from that direction.

For example. if we place cobblestone in the East slot and wool in the North, West and South slots, we would see wool 100% of the time if we were to be facing the North, West or South side of the block, and cobblestone 100% of the time if we were to be facing the East side of the block.