Orc shaman is a boss added by better dungeons. He is a new boss from latest version. He has 100 HP (50 hearts).

Attack Edit

Draining Health Edit

Orc shaman can also draining your health like the other mage does but he will do that moves after he get down below 50 HP.

Teleport Edit

After he gets below 50 HP, he will begin to teleport. While he teleport, he also draining your health.

Summon goblin Edit

Orc shaman also summon minion like other mage does. But it is a goblin. A goblin also help him fight.

Throws mini-TNT Edit

It is not his common moves. But sometimes he did. It is the goblin riding a mini-TNT and he throw it. So, fight him with range is not the best way bacause he will throw TNT at your face and it does tons and tons of damage. Fight with melee attack is the best way to take him.

Bubble Edit

When he was attack by his enemy, the first thing he did is backup then put the bubble on. It helps to protect from tons and tons of damage but it lasts for 10 seconds. You can also breaking his bubble by explosion (but not his mini-TNT) is the best way.

Drops Edit

It seems like he did not drops anything now but maybe in the future he will drops something.

Spawn Edit

Now it seems he didn't spawn any where but you can spawn him with the item that it's called "Orc shaman (WIP)"