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Part Builder is a block added by Tinkers' Construct that is used in crafting parts for tools and weapons added by the mod. In order to craft parts, a casting pattern or basic pattern is necessary to craft it. The casting patterns require the use of a Casting Table, but the basic patterns can be used in a Part Builder with materials to create parts that are in turn used in a Tool Station or Tool Forge to craft items.

All patterns have material requirements that range from half of an item, in which a shard or chunk will be returned along with the part, to eight of an item for the tough named parts. Shards or chunks of a material can still be used to create additional parts. However, they will only count as half of that material.

Placing a Part Builder next to a Pattern Chest will allow the player to store patterns in the chest without the need to swap from chest to builder multiple times as the inventory of the chest will be displayed with the Part Builder interface.

Part Builder is one of the four basic tables for crafting in the Tinkers' Construct mod along with the Pattern Chest, Stencil Table, and Tool Station. The Part Builder can be built using any of the vanilla Minecraft wood and will match the color of wood used.

Shards/pieces are obtained when crafting something that requires 0.5 of a material using a full material, as in making a tool rod with a whole slime crystal. The shard is considered 0.5, and so they can be used to create things that require 0.5 of a material. For an example, making a tool rod. Or multiple can be stacked, like you could use 2 obsidian shards to make a sword blade.

Note: When making bone tools, use bone meal. For example, to make a hammer head, you need 8 bones or 16 pieces of bone meal. You can get 16 pieces of bone meal from 6 bones, with 2 pieces of bone meal left.


Blank Pattern

Oak Wood

Part Builder

Any other type of Wood can be used, and the Part Builder's color depends on the color of wood used.


Part Material Requires Smeltery? Mining Level
Stone No 1
Iron Yes 2
Flint No 1
Cactus No 1
Bone No 1
Obsidian No 3
Alumite Yes 4
Netherrack No 2
Blue Slime No 1
Green Slime No 3
Paper No 0
Cobalt Yes 4
Ardite Yes 4
Manyullyn Yes 5
Copper Yes 1
Bronze Yes 2
Steel Yes 4

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