Pickaxes is a classification of tools known in vanilla Minecraft, primarily used for mining stone and ores. Tinkers' Construct adds additional pickaxes that can be crafted various materials and put together at a Tool Station or Tool Forge. Harken Scythe, Twilight Forest, Falling Meteors, Natura and Better Dungeons also add pickaxes. Though Better Dungeons' Super Tool! resembles a Pickaxe, it is not exactly classified as one.


Vanilla - Pickaxes - All Picks

All five Pickaxes from Vanilla Minecraft

Tinkers' Construct

The pickaxes do not need to be made of a single type of material and can instead be mixed and matched with each other to provide fairly unique pickaxes. These pickaxes can then be modified using a Tinkers' Construct Tool Station or Tool Forge with the appropriate modifiers to permit for various additions to the tools that may otherwise be impossible to achieve in vanilla Minecraft.

Tinkers' Construct - Pickaxes - All Picks

All breeds of Pickaxes from Tinkers' Construct, shown in with its "Full Tool" parts. These pickaxes appear glitchy on Casting Tables, but even more so on Item Frames.

The list of possible materials, in no particular order, pickaxes can be made out of are:

Harken Scythe

Harken Scythe - Pickaxes - All Picks

The two pickaxes added by Harken Scythe mod.

Twilight Forest

Twilight Forest - Pickaxes - All Picks

All Pickaxes that were implemented by the Twilight Forest mod.

Falling Meteors

Falling Meteors - Pickaxes - All Picks

Both of the Pickaxes from the Falling Meteors mod.


Natura - Pickaxes - All Picks&Quartz Pick

The four Pickaxes added by Natura. (Left) The Quartz Pickaxe's mod of origin is unverified. (right)

  • Darkwood Pickaxe
  • Fusewood Pickaxe
  • Ghostwood Pickaxe
  • Bloodwood Pickaxe
  • Quartz Pickaxe
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