Pirate Island
Biomes Unknown
Type Unknown
Size Unknown
Added By Better Dungeons

Pirate Island is a structure added by Better Dungeons. Although it is not a ship, it is generated by the Better Dungeons ship builder prop. Pirate Islands are generated in Ocean biomes and consist of a main island with a cove on one side.  Inside the cove is a large ship, similar to the Galleon, a few buildings, and a series of catwalks that go into the island itself.

At the top of the island is a flat area with a large X drawn in red wool.  Digging down from the center of the X reveals a chest of treasure surrounded by four blocks of varying type, including Lapis, Gold, Iron, and Emerald.

The island is protected by Pirates that spawn from spawners located throughout the structure.  In the heart of the island, you will find a Pirate Boss. These islands can also be guarded by Endermen if behind The Wall in the North, like all other dungeons.