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Pirate Ships are naturally spawned dungeons that appear anywhere on a pool of water. A pirate ship can usually be spotted on the map easily because they stand out from the blue of the ocean. On the ship, there are sails made of red, yellow and white wool - sometimes created in an image of a creeper or skeleton's face - and pirates who will attack on sight. There are two types of pirate ships: small sailboats, or large ones. The more large pirate ship houses more units of treasure, as well as more valuable instances as well.

Large Ships


This is most likely the first level you will encounter when boarding a pirate ship. At the back of it, two 2 x 1 doorways next to the rudder are usually used. This contains 19 BetterDungeonSpwaners, which, depending on its metadata, either spawns pirates, or other mobs included in the BetterDungeon mod included in the Hexxit modpack. A staircase to the brig is at the other side, bordered by two stockpile rooms full of TNT, which usually has a range of 44 - 47 units.

Lower Deck/Brig

Once you walk up the staircase, you will find a wide room with 4 BetterDungeonSpwaners. A door at the far side leads into a larger room with 12 TNT cannons and 2 cages made of Wooden Planks and Iron Bars. Ironically, the 12 TNT cannons are located in the same deck that the brig is. On one of the sides of the ship, behind one of the cages, is another stockpile room of TNT, which contains a smaller amount than the two previous rooms, such as 23 units. Extra care should be taken to make sure that there aren't any creepers in any of those rooms, as an explosion could be catastrophic, and because of the lack of lighting, any mob can spawn with ease. 7 BetterDungeonSpwaners are in this room. A staircase similar to that in the hold leads up to the main deck.

Main Deck/Buildings

This deck contains the only instance of loot in the whole ship, and the most spawners: 26 of them. 4 are located on top of 2 buildings each, 4 are in buildings, and the rest are on the actual deck itself. The spawner in the highest building is where the Pirate Boss spawns. After defeating it, the loot is yours. However, you can take the loot from the four chests without killing the Pirate Boss. In the opposite building, 10 small chests lay next to beds, which contain small amounts of food, minerals, or rarely, essences.

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