Potion of Water Breathing
ID Unknown
Stackable Unknown
Type Potions
Craftable Unknown
Added By Project Zulu

Potion of Water Breathing is a potion that gives the player waterbreathing abilities. It has two known tiers that give 13 minutes and 18 minutes of waterbreathing

Crafting Edit

The 13 minute one can be crafted by using a Gill from Project Zulu in the brewing stand with a Shiny Potion.

The 18 minute one can be crafted by adding redstone to the 13 minute potion.

Notes Edit

  • The recipe for this potion cannot be seen using Not Enough Items.
  • This effect can be given to the player by Infernal Mobs, usually at 13 minutes.


  • Water Breathing effect actually exist in vanilla minecraft, however the potion is not obtainable in vanilla, and Minecraft 1.7 will add Potion of Water Breathing.
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