Programmable Switch Probe
ID Unknown
Stackable No
Type Unknown
Craftable Yes

The Programmable Switch Probe is a item part of the 1.12.2 remake of the SecretRoomsMod. It is used to change the appearence of the SecretRoomsMod blocks. Right click while holding this item to open a gui. Type the OreDict or registry name of the block into the gui. If the block exists, the Gui will display the outputs. If there is more than one block with the OreDict/registry name, simply select the block you want.

The selected block will appear below the text box.

Crafting GUI.png


Camoflage Paste

Gold Ingot

Camoflage Paste

Switch Probe

Camoflage Paste


Camoflage Paste

Iron Ingot

Programmable Switch Probe