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The Purple Chocobo spawns rarely and can only be found in the Nether and End(Verification Needed). Although rare, a Purple Chocobo will have 50 HP, can fly, and has the unique ability to swim in lava. The player will have the effects of Fire Protection while riding it. This makes them one of the most ideal mounts in the game.

Purple Chocobo will periodically lay Purple Chocobo eggs. Instead of producing Chicobo when bred as with other Chocobos, they lay anywhere from 1-3 Purple Chocobo eggs, making it much easier to transport offspring to the Overworld as opposed to Purple Chocobo producing live young which would require the player to actively move the Purple Chocobo to the Nether Portal.

The Purple Chocobo has dark red and dark brown feathers with an orange beak and eyes like lava which gives a fiery look to it.


  • It is not actually purple - this simply goes along with the theme of Chocobo associated with colors but does not make a second type of Black Chocobo.