Quantum Goggles
Grid Quantum Goggles
ID 7784
Stackable No
Type Unknown
Craftable Yes
Added By qCraft

Quantum Goggles is an item added by qCraft. Quantum Goggles are used for seeing qCraft blocks without affecting them.

Quantum Goggles go into the head armor slot, and when worn will provide a green tinted overlay with horizontal bands.
QCraft - Quantum Goggles - Worn

A player wearing Quantum Goggles.

In this view, normally hidden qCraft blocks will show up as the blocks transitional sides, however it will not take a form. Using this fact, Observer Dependent Blocks and others that require the player to look at them from a particular way to see them or otherwise misplaced ones can be broken and re-acquired.
QCraft - Quantum Goggles - HUD

Quantum Goggles' effect and showing Observable Dependent Blocks.