ID Unknown
Stackable Yes (64)
Type Unknown
Craftable No
Added By ExtrabiomesXL

Quicksand is a new block added by ExtrabiomesXL. It causes the player to fall through it much like a cobweb, except it is solid. If left alone, it will suffocate the player. Using a shovel will break the block quicker than with any other tool. It currently has no uses or crafting recipes but may be viable for traps.

Obtaining Edit

Quicksand is found in the Mini Jungle biomes and is generated in a 3x3x3 cube. Quicksand can be mined out by using a shovel or other means to harvesting blocks. Each cube will yield a total of 27 blocks.

Usage Edit

Suffocation Trap Edit

With enough effort, a suffocation trap can be constructed around ones base to deal with all mobs with at least a 2 to 3 block width and 3 block depth to suffocate most mobs and allow endermen to be killed. This may also be used to suffocate 2 or more block high mobs with a space under it to allow for item drop collection as protection and mob grinder. However, if water is used in this method Endermen will teleport out as soon as they reach the water and a larger amount of Quicksand would be necessary to kill them before they reach the water.

Defensive Wall Edit

Since Quicksand allows arrows to go through it, quicksand may be used as a defense system since mobs would be unable to pass through it easily and it blocks their field of vision so they would be unable to attack back. If completely surrounded in Quicksand blocks except for the floor, no mobs would be able to path to the player and would lose the player, unfortunately the entryway into this type of system would have to be laid down after the player enters the structure or from below by some means.

Notes Edit

  • Endermen may become trapped in quicksand, they take damage on the third block and will actually not teleport away.