The Better Dungeons quiver allows the player to carry up to 576 arrows in a single slot. Not to be confused with the LegendGear's Quiver. The quiver is obtainable by crafting or can be found in Better Dungeons structures.

Crafting Edit

This quiver is acquired by crafting a Bag with an arrow.

Crafting GUI.png




Filling Edit

The quiver is filled by the player holding it in their hand and right-clicking. This will open an inventory GUI of 9 by 1 slots to fill with stacks of arrows. The arrows are first used from left to right.


  • Intentional or not, when using a bow with this quiver, the bow's durability does not drop.
  • The Better Dungeons quiver is incompatible with Hexxit's HUD elements; the arrow counter will read zero, even when the Quiver is still full.
  • Like the Bag, the Quiver (Better Dungeons) can be used to dupliciate any item in game
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