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Circle-style-warning.svg This article may not be 100% accurate due to an upcoming modpack version.
This item was removed in Hexxit 2.0.1c due to the removal of the LegendGear mod.

For Quiver added by Better Dungeons, see Quiver (Better Dungeons).

The LegendGear quiver allows the player to carry up to 200 arrows in a single slot.


You may acquire this item as loot from dungeons or make it yourself with at least one arrow and leather.







Quiver (LegendGear) 1


You can fill the quiver by holding it in your hand and right-clicking where it will consume any arrows it finds in your inventory up to the 200 arrow limit. You can take out arrows by shift right-clicking with the quiver at hand. Should the Quiver be in your inventory when you pick up dropped arrows, the arrows will be added to the Quiver automatically. But you cannot fill the quiver with arrows added by other mods such as the Fire Arrow.


  • If you have a quiver and a bomb bag, both with at least one-full, you can crouch while shooting to fire an explosive arrow. Note that this only works using a vanilla bow.

Grid Quiver (LegendGear) 999.png
Grid Quiver (LegendGear) 1000.png

  • Using any method to cheat items in, you could give yourself a quiver with more than 200 arrows in it. The quiver uses the damage value to count arrows.
  • The quiver doesn't render on your character's torso whether you have a chestplate on or not.
  • The quiver cannot consume mod arrows.


  • On-screen GUI does not show number of arrows inside quiver in total, arrows still count.
  • Shift-clicking on a quiver or bomb bag in the output slot while filling it from the crafting grid can, under some circumstances, cause loss of ammo. (There shouldn't be a reason to shift-click it, since it's unstackable.)