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Redstone: Volume I
Grid Redstone Book
ID Unknown
Stackable No
Type Unknown
Craftable Yes
Added By Bibliocraft

Redstone: Volume I is an item added by Bibliocraft. Redstone: Volume I will always say it is by the user who crafted it.

Crafting Edit

Crafting GUI.png

Redstone Torch


Redstone Book

Usage Edit

Redstone: Volume I can be placed into Bookcases and the Bookcase will give a redstone signal depending on its location inside. The bookcase will emit a redstone signal level based on the slot in the bookcase the book is placed. In the top left spot, the bookcase emits no signal, in the bottom right slot, the bookcase emits a level 15 signal. Any slot in between will emit that level of redstone, counting the first slot in the top left as slot 0. So a redstone book in slot 7 (top right) will emit a redstone signal with 7 strength. The book will also say it's by you, like when you look at a signed book. It is crafted using a book and a redstone torch.

By using comparators or other such means, it is possible to make a secret doorway which can only be opened when the book is placed in the correct spot on the shelf.