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Redstone Lamp is a technical block added by vanilla Minecraft. When powered by a Redstone signal, the Redstone Lamp has a luminance level of 15, equivalent to Glowstone. It also melts snow like glowstone, but unlike it's fragile cousin, a redstone lamp can be turned on and off, and, more importantly, be broken and replaced without the loss of component materials. Instead, breaking a redstone lamp always results in a redstone lamp to pick up.

Redstone lamps are very useful in illumination in permanent structures/bases, and in the development of certain types of mob grinders. Because they can be switched on and off, they're great for creating spawn rooms with vanilla mob spawners and allow the player to control the light level of the room, and therefor whether light-sensitive mobs can spawn.

Redstone lamps can also be combined with the daylight sensor, which allows redstone lamps to "automatically" be turned on at night, and then turn off again in the morning.

Crafting Edit

Crafting GUI.png






Redstone Lamp

Glitches Edit

If the redstone lamp is mined with Silk Touch while activated, an activated Redstone Lamp block will drop. As soon as it is placed however, it will revert to the unpowered version.

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