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2013-07-02 00.01.15

Two redwoods in a meadow biome.

2013-07-02 00.41.03

A four section redwood with someone living in it.

2013-11-06 16.43.06

Broken bark and heartwood falling after treecapitating a redwood.

The Redwood is a very large tree added by Natura. It is found in the Plains Biome. Its trunk is composed of three different types of wood. Blocks directly relating to the redwood are:

  • Redwood
  • Redwood Bark
  • Redwood Root
  • Redwood Leaves
  • Redwood Bark Door
  • Redwood Door

The trees come in different varieties. Some trees can have up to four trunk sections (places in which the radius shrinks by one block on each side) before the canopy, and the roots extend below the surface where the tree is planted.

The trees shown in the first picture only have three sections, whereas the one on the second have four. A redwood with more than 3-4 sections has not yet been found.

To grow this massive tree, one needs 49 redwood saplings. The correct sapling has this tooltip: "Plant these in a 7x7. It takes days to grow". Unlike other saplings, bonemeal has no effect on the redwood's growth. According to Minecraft Forums, a redwood usually takes 5-7 Minecraft days to grow, but some cases took 2 "real-life" days to grow; it's not known if this means the user had to wait 48 hours for the saplings to grow or if the user played once a day for two days, which resulted in the saplings growing. Others have left the game on for days and the tree hasn't grown.

Treecapitator will harvest this tree. Treecapitator is able to harvest the heart of the wood and bark of the tree, but be careful when using an axe on it with Treecapitator as it will likely destroy the axe and only remove a small section of the tree. If one wanted to hollow out the tree for any reason and wished to use an axe to speed up the process, they would have to sneak while chopping

Uses Edit

The redwood bark cannot be crafted into planks, nor can the redwood roots. Redwood bark is used to craft a redwood bark door, which is used in making the redwood secret door.

The bark and roots are also very useful for making charcoal.


  • It has the same sapling texture as the spruce tree, with a slightly different color scheme and a tooltip that reads "Plant these in a 7x7. It takes days to grow."

Bugs Edit

  • Due to the size, using Treecapitator on these can cause the game to crash from the amount of entities and block updates occurring.
  • Sometimes a redwood tree can grow without all 49 saplings placed.
  • Using bone meal on the saplings planted in a 7x7 while in creative mode may grow more than one tree.
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