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Reinforced Chest are normal chests with 12 extra slots for storage and added explosive resistance. They also combine to form a larger storage area when placed next to each other, and unlike normal chests are able to right next to each other (which eliminates the need to alternate chest types). They can be made from different materials (iron, gold, diamond, emerald, copper, tin, zinc and silver). Material only affects the aesthetic look of the chest, not the quantity that it can hold (unlike the Iron Chests mod, where chests with different materials actually add more storage space). You can use locks to protect your reinforced chests by right-clicking the chest with a lock.

Reinforced Chests should be destroyed with axes, as they can't be mined with pickaxes.


There are a total of eight reinforced chest variants. They are all crafted similarly.


  • 4 material 'ingots' (this can either be Iron , Gold , Diamonds , Emeralds , Cooper, Tin , Silver or Zinc)
  • 1 material block (same type as ingots)
  • 3 Logs (any type)
  • 1 Chest

Iron Ingot


Iron Ingot



Block of Iron

Iron Ingot


Iron Ingot

Reinforced Iron Chest

Replace the Block and Ingots with the appropriate material.

All single reinforced chests, with iron, gold and copper double chests behind

Interface of the reinforced chest, in comparison to the normal inventory and without Inventory Tweaks.


There are several types of Reinforced Chests:


  • Reinforced chests are not compatible with Inventory Tweaks, so there is no way to automatically sort them or to use other Inventory Tweaks functions.
  • In version 1.55 of Inventory Tweaks, the inability to sort has been fixed, but is not for version 1.5.2 which is what Hexxit uses.
  • Some of the types of reinforced chests (ie siver and zinc) are not craftable as the metals they require are not found in Hexxit.
  • Using a Storage Capsule Station to contain Reinforced Chest will cause the chest to become bugged, and will crash the game.
  • Chest Transporters will not transport Reinforced Chest.