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Reinforced Chests is normal chest with 12 extra slots for storage and they don't get affected by explosions. They also combine to form a larger storage area when placed two next to each other, and by using chests of different metals, one can solve the age-old problem of not being able to place chests right next to each other, as seen in the image. They can be made from different materials (iron, gold, diamond, emerald, and if you use mods, copper, tin, zinc and silver). Material affects only look of chest. You can use locks to protect your chest.
Chests re

All single reinforced chests, with iron, gold and copper double chests behind


There are a total 8 of reinforced chesst. They are all crafting similary though, depending on what type of Reinforced Chest you want, you will need:

  • 4 Ingots
  • 1 Block (Same type as Ingots)
  • 3 Logs (Any type)

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