ID 7614
Stackable No
Type Weapons
Craftable No
Damage 8 (HeartHeartHeartHeart)
Enchantable Yes
Added By Better Dungeons
The Revolver is an obtainable item from the Better Dungeons mod which so far seems to be only obtainable in the dungeons with no crafting recipe to be found. It is seen used by the Pirates, and can rarely be found in chests in dungeons. It uses bullets and has no cooldown. Nine bullets can be crafted with an iron ingot and one block of cobblestone, making ammunition cheap.

The gun does 8 base damage (unless faced by an armored enemy). Its accuracy at longer range is impressive, so it can be used to besiege distant foes as easily as it can in close quarters combat.

Trivia Edit

  • The Revolver can be enchanted with Unbreaking, Soul Tether, Magnetization, Blood, and Afterlife using the Enchanting Plus mod.
  • In creative mode, the revolver shoots almost instantaneously, and does not consume ammo.
  • Shooting a Glass Block, Glass Pane, Soul Pane, Clear Glass or Stained Glass, will break the glass, making no sound or particles. The glass won't disappear until it receives an update, through right-clicking or other interactions.
  • Despite being called a revolver, it resembles a flintlock pistol.
  • The Revolver is the weapon of choice for Pirate Gunners.

    Revolver Bullets


  • Revolver may be enchanted for free.
  • Revolvers will, for some reason, consume one bullet in every stack that you have in your  inventory
  • It is unclear if it is intentional or a bug, but if glass or glowstone is shot twice in a row with a revolver it will break and be permanently destroyed. It is most likely an intended feature.
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