The Rift Blade is a weapon in the Dimensional Doors mod. It can function as a weapon, but can can also open up portals to Pocket Dimensions. Right-clicking with the Rift Blade in your hand will create a portal that functions like a Dimensional Door.

You can also use the blade to teleport short distances by looking at an enemy and right clicking. The Teleport function will override the Pocket Dimension function until the player is not looking at a mob, or they are too close to the target to teleport.


2013-07-04 19.26.13

A Rare-class Spider with over the 18 health cap for Spiders in a Pocket Dimension. It had lost its abilities on the trip here.

  • You can open portals in Pocket Dimensions to go one step further from the Overworld.
  • Travelling through the portal will close it in the Overworld, not allowing anything else through it, unless they are able to reopen it with another Rift Blade, or a Dimensional Door. 
  • If a mob walks through an open portal, it will close behind it, and the mob will be permanently locked in that dimension, unless there is another open portal in said dimension, another player creates a portal out, or the mob is an Endermen.
    • An Infernal Mob that is put into the portal will still travel through and maintain it's current health, but will lose any other "Boss" type statuses.
    • To get rid of it,try using a rift remover,even though it probably wont work,because this mod is shitty.
    • Go fuck yourself...........
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