Sage Armor is a set of armor added by the Hexxit Gear mod. It was added in version 1.12.2, and is one of four sets of armor that Hexxit Gear provides. When fully equipped, the player receives Water Breathing, Night Vision and Fire Resistance potion effects that last as long as the player keeps all four armor pieces equipped as well as the maximum 20 armor points, the equivalent to wearing full diamond armor. Its effects make it the least combat-oriented armor in the mod.

Sage Armor was added since the latest version of Hexxit, and as such is not craftable in the official Hexxit modpack.

Recipe Edit

For the full set you will need:

Sage's Cap (3 Armor Points)

Sage hood

Sage's Robe (8 Armor Points)

Sage robe

Sage's Wrap (6 Armor Points)

Sage's Wrap

Sage's Slippers (3 Armor Points)

Sage's slippers
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