Saplings is a type of item that is used to grow trees. There are currently four types of saplings found in vanilla Minecraft. This will give an overview of all the saplings added by mods into the Hexxit mod pack and how to grow them.

Sapling Name Size Produces Added By
Oak 1x1 Vanilla Minecraft
Spruce 1x1 Vanilla Minecraft
Birch 1x1 Vanilla Minecraft
Jungle 1x1 or 2x2 Vanilla Minecraft
Brown Autumn 1x1 ExtrabiomesXL
Orange Autumn 1x1 ExtrabiomesXL
Purple Autumn 1x1 ExtrabiomesXL
Yellow Autumn 1x1 ExtrabiomesXL
Fir 2x2 ExtrabiomesXL
Redwood 2x2 ExtrabiomesXL
Acacia 1x1 ExtrabiomesXL
Palm Tree 1x1 Project Zulu
Maple 1x1 Natura
Silverbell 1x1 Natura
Amaranth 1x1 Natura
Tigerwood 1x1 Natura
Willow Natura
Redwood 7x7 Natura
Eucalyptus Natura
Hopseed Natura
Sakura Natura
Ghostwood Natura
Blood Natura
Darkwood Natura
Fusewood Natura
Sickly Twilight Oak Twilight Forest
Canopy Tree Twilight Forest
Twilight Mangrove Twilight Forest
Darkwood Twilight Forest
Robust Twilight Oak Twilight Forest
Tree of Time Twilight Forest
Tree of Transformation Twilight Forest
Miner's Tree Twilight Forest
Sorting Tree Twilight Forest
Rainbow Oak Twilight Forest
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