Scale Armor (Hexxit Gear) is a set of armor added by the Hexxit Gear mod. It is one of four sets of armor that Hexxit Gear provides. When fully equipped, the player receives Strength, Resistance and Fire Resistance II potion effects that last as long as the player keeps all four armor pieces equipped as well as the maximum 20 Armor Points, the equivalent to wearing full Diamond armor. It is also the armor with the best overall defense, and is the armor for the 'Tank' style of gameplay, taking heavy damage, while using a giant sword or a shield to absorb heavy attacks, while dishing out equal amounts of damage consistently; good for taking out enemies or bosses that have high amount of health.

Scale Armor can be repaired with diamonds and some levels in an Anvil.

2013-06-24 19.46.47.png
A full set of Scale Armor.


For the full set you will need:

Scale Helmet

Scale Chestpiece

Scale Leggings

Scale Boots


  • This armor set gives Fire Resistance II
    • Fire Resistance II is used because in Java, the level input (1 in this case) will have 1 added to it in the game
  • Combining the Tank qualities of the armor with the Protection IV enchantment with further the defensive aspects of the armor.
  • Even though the amount of armor points is maxed out, making it look about as good as diamond (but less durability), it gives you Resistance I with the full set, therefore being better than diamond raw defense-wise (not taking into account the Fire Resistance and Strength).
  • The full set of armor is dubbed the best for melee battles, due to the Strength, Resistance and Fire Resistance buffs.
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