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Secret Rooms is a mod developed by AbrarSyed, with the 1.12.2 version developed by Wyn Price. It adds various blocks and items used in the construction of hidden redstone circuitry, secret areas, and other items that match the surrounding area. However enjoyable the mod can be, it is also very buggy and has a good possibility of ruining the things you built by resetting chunks. Please see the post: [1] The utilization of this mod is not recommended.



Secret Rooms Tutorial - The Basics


​Bugs (not present in 1.12.2 version)[]

  • When placing a secret item near a nether portal (distance unknown), visiting and leaving the portal, the chunk where the secret item is will be regenerated resulting in a completely different and new chunk. 
  • If you have Optifine installed with this mod, you'll have every block from this mod looking like stone, but it will still have data of the block placed on. 
  • There are several ways that chunks having blocks from this mod within reset. Please see: [2]