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Shadow Pickaxe
Missing Texture ig
ID 6261
Stackable No
Type Tools
Craftable No
Durability 1561
Damage 5 (HeartHeartHeart Half)
Added By Soul Shards

Shadow Pickaxe is an item added by Soul Shards. Shadow Pickaxe cannot be crafted nor is it used in any other recipes. The icon is of the missing texture icon.

When used to mine any block, every block in a 3x3x3 radius around the mined block is also mined, with an explosion effect. And then the durability will decrease depending on the amount of block mined (1 point of durability/block, non-solid block counts)

Like other Pickaxes, it can be enchanted with pickaxe enchantments. It deals 5 (HeartHeartHeart Half) points of damage per hit, and takes up 2 durability.