Sharpness is an enchantment added by vanilla Minecraft. Sharpness is an enchantment that adds additional damage per strike. The sharpness enchantment can be applied on swords by either an enchantment table or using an anvil. Sharpness can also be enchanted on axes using an anvil but cannot be enchanted with sharpness using an enchantment table. Unless in creative mode, you won't be able to apply sharpness to any other item. Each sharpness level will increase the weapon's damage by 1.25. The max possible enchantment without any other mods is V (5) and will add a total of 6.25 damage to your weapon. The ID for sharpness is 16. While the sharpness enchantment is on, you will not be able to apply smite or bane of arthropods and the same goes that you will not be able to apply sharpness on smite or bane of arthropods.