Shelob is a giant Cave Spider with long limbs, 3 times the size of a vanilla spider. It is added by the Better Dungeons mod. Shelob attacks by either biting, hooking, or webbing the player.

Shelob's health is dependent on the difficulty setting, calculated with 300 + (Difficulty Setting * 50).  This results in 300 for peaceful mode, 350 for easy mode, 400 for normal mode, and 450 for hard mode.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

When bitten by Shelob, the player will not always take melee damage, but will always be poisoned except in Easy mode. In normal mode, the poison effect lasts 6 seconds.  In Hard mode, the poison effect lasts 14 seconds.  When killed, it drops the Spider Hook, a diamond, and a spider eye.

When attacked, there is a chance for Shelob to summon a vanilla cave spider or spider. Also, it can grab on to the player's head

The Spider Boss also has a skill which hooks you towards it, similar to the item Spider Hook. This forces the player into a sudden melee fight if the player is using ranged weapon.

Location[edit | edit source]

You can find Shelob in Skeleton Castles and Jungle Caves. It is also found underneath Mountain Castles and serves as the boss for that castle.

Shelob can also be spawned in creative mode with the Spider item (item id 7607:500).  The spider item can also be used to initiate fights by left-clicking on a mob and then left-clicking on a second mob.

Natural enemies

Shelob will immediately attack these mobs when they are within range:

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Spider Boss's name, Shelob, is a reference to "The Lord of The Rings: The Return of The King," in which Sam and Frodo encounter a giant spider named Shelob.
  • Shelob is immune to fire damage.
  • Shelob is classified as 'goblin' - probably because it was the goblin boss prior to Hexxit 1.0.7.  This means that anything with a natural enemy of type 'goblin' will attack Shelob when within range.
  • Shelob's pincers move, unlike a normal cave spider. Of course, Cave Spiders' pincers are not visible.
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