Shining Potion
Shiny Potion
ID 373:256
Stackable No
Type Potion (Consumable)
Craftable Yes
Effects Shiny!
Duration 0:45
Added By Project Zulu

The Shining Potion is an item added by Project Zulu's brewing add-on.  It is brewed by adding a Shiny Bauble and an Awkward Potion in a vanilla brewing stand.


GUI Brewing Stand.png

Shiny Bauble

Awkward Potion

Shiny Potion


as a PotionEdit

Drinking this potion will add a Shiny! effect to the player, causing light to emanate from the player for 45 seconds.

as a Potion BaseEdit

This potion is also used as a base for Tier II Potions in the Project Zulu brewing system.

Potions available from the Shiny Potion base are:

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