Shiny Baubles are white-yellowish beads added by Project Zulu and can be found in Labyrinth dungeon chests. They cannot be crafted, and their purpose is to be used in potion brewing.

Shiny bauble

Brewing Edit

2013-08-22 19.43.10

Shiny Bauble about to be used.

2013-08-22 19.44.08

Shiny Potion created, lasts 0:45 seconds

Adding a Shiny Bauble to Awkward Potions on a Brewing Stand creates Shiny Potions

The potion creates light around the user (similar to a torch) for 45 seconds (conflicting reports). However, the main use of a Shiny Potion is as a base for more useful potions. See the Shiny Potion page for more details. Chocobos seem to be attracted to these lights. This has been proved.