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Skeleton is a mob added by vanilla Minecraft. The Skeleton is a mob that shoots arrows that knock the player back and do damage. This mob will shoot faster as the player gets closer. This can make them annoying and dangerous when the player is in water. Surprisingly, they can become a weaker force in large numbers; as they will ignore each other and shoot each other trying to hit the player. It is recommended that if there is a large number of skeletons, that the player should try to let some of the skeletons kill each other to thin out their numbers. 

Different skeletons may wear gold, chain mail, diamond, iron or leather armor. Also, sometimes a skeleton may have an enchanted bow. Skeletons usually spawn in dark areas such as caves and are usually accompanied by zombies. You may find them in strongholds, fortresses or castles.

Their mob drops include emerald shards, bones, arrows,or more. Skeletons can be found anywhere in the Overworld and can be a nuisance when trying to find loot or treasure in a castle or Battletower.

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As the player watches, the skeletons kill each other in what resembles a political revolution.

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