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Slime Island
Slime Island ig
Biomes All
Type Floating Island
Size Unknown
Added By Tinkers' Construct

Slime Islands are floating islands added by Tinkers' Construct that generate across the Overworld and Twilight Forest.

Slime Islands naturally spawn Blue Slimes and are the only place where Slimy Leaves, Congealed Green Slime, Congealed Blue Slime, Blue Slimedirt, and Slimy Grass can be found.

The islands are covered in Slimy Grass with a pool of cyan-blue liquid surrounded by Congealed Blue Slime at the center—The liquid is only identified by its ID and is the source of Blue Slimes.

Slimy Trees can often be found growing at the edge of the island, and can be harvested for saplings that produce a steady supply of Congealed Green Slime and from those, slimeballs.

Bugs Edit

  • Slime Islands can spawn on top of The Wall in the North and destroy some of the wall.
  • Slime Islands can sometimes spawn in a canopy tree in the Twilight Forest, destroying some of the tree and the island
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