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Slimy Tree
Slimy Tree ig
Biomes Unknown
Type Unknown
Size Unknown
Added By Tinkers' Construct

Slimy Tree are added by Tinkers' Construct that may be found atop Slime Islands. Slimy Leaves may drop Slimy Saplings which will grow new slimy trees. Slimy trees can be naturally found on slime islands. Slimy Leaves may also drop Gelatinous Slime. Instead of 4 wood planks, trying to craft slimy wood gives you 4 slime ball. Bonemeal does not work on slimy saplings in survival mode, only in creative mode.


Slimy Trees consist of Slimy Leaves and Congealed Green Slime blocks.


  • Treecapitator doesn't detect these as trees, and therefore they can't be instantly broken by an axe.