2013-08-15 20.57.47

Snow Village Exterior

2013-08-15 21.03.15

Snow Village Village

2013-08-15 21.11.24

Snow Village Beacon

Snow Village is a new generated structure added by Better Dungeons. The Snow Village can be found in snowy biomes. It consists entirely of a stone brick Walker village at the bottom and a spire with a redstone beacon at the top.

The staircase must be entered from below the village.  There is an entrance from the icy pond. There are a number of generated caves below the beacon with loot.  About halfway up the beacon's staircase, there is a hidden lever.  If you flip it, there is a secret room next to you that has a few Walkers in it, who will move out to attack you.  After killing them, loot the chest in the room for excellent loot.

There is a redstone circuit at the top of the tower that activates the beacon.  It will light up three of the lights at once, with a redstone pulse revolving around the tower.  Once started, the beacon will continue without any help from the player.