Harken Scythe - Soul Reaper - On Pedestal

The Soul Reaper in a Sword Pedestal.

A Soul Reaper is a scythe that appears to be made of bones. The Soul Reaper can't be crafted, but can be dropped by a Harbinger  or can be found in dungeons.   When used as melee weapons, they cause 5-8 hitpoints of damage.   


Harken Scythe - Soul Reaper - Holding

When Holding.

The only way to repair a Soul Reaper is with bones on an Anvil or by XP repair with the enchantment table. 

With the Soul Reaper, the user may harvest double or even quadruple the souls. Normally a soul is worth one soul , if harvested with the Soul Reaper you can get from 2 to 4 souls out of one.

The durability of the Soul Reaper is like the Stone Scythe's, the strength of it is like the Iron Scythe, and has a higher enchantability rating than gold. 


Harken Scythe - Harbinger

The Soul Reaper appears to be the weapon of choice of the Harbinger.

Incidentally, the Soul Reaper happens to be the Harbinger's weapon of choice.

No other mobs have been seen with it.


  • It can be placed in a Sword Pedestal .
  • If the Soul Reaper is enchanted, you can't repair it on the anvil with bones.
Harken Scythe - Soul Reaper - On Ground

The Soul Reaper dropped on ground.

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