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Essence keeper pic

An empty Essence Keeper.

Soulkeeper pic

Soulkeeper with souls in it.

A Soulkeeper is a harvesting item that cultivates reaped Spirits (from reaping souls with a Scythe) and stores them inside of it. It is created by using an empty Essence Keeper to collect a soul.

There can be a maximum of 20 souls inside of a single Soulkeeper.

It is used either to fill Soul Crucibles or as a potion, granting mixed effects unless Soulweave is worn.


When you harvest a soul with a Scythe, you can right-click on it with the Soulkeeper (or an empty Essence Keeper, in which case it will become a Soulkeeper) to collect the soul.

To pour it into a Soul Crucible, right-click on the Soul Crucible with the Soulkeeper, you need at least 5 souls in the Soulkeeper before pouring it (you pour 5 souls every click). There can be a maximum of 50 souls in a Crucible.

You can also drink the souls and gain either positive or negative effects, depending on whether or not you're wearing Soulweave Armor.


  • When in Creative Mode, harvesting a soul from an empty Essence Keeper will fill the capacity instantly. When harvesting from Soulkeeper, however, you will gain the normal 1 soul.
  • When you have multiple essence keepers (or essence vessels or a combination of the two) in your inventory and you attempt to collect a soul which is worth more than the held essence keeper can contain, it will spill over into the others in your inventory. This can be useful when attempting to kill a boss with a Soul Reaper scythe, which will result in a copper-colored soul worth forty total souls (more than can be contained in a single essence keeper).


Crafting GUI.png

Ender Pearl

Ender Pearl

Ender Pearl

Essence Keeper

This will create an empty Essence Keeper. Once you harvest a single Soul, it will be converted into a Soulkeeper.

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