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A piece of Soulweave.

Soulweave Cloth is a mystical fabric entwined with souls from a Soul Crucible working with an Altar of Souls added by the Harken Scythe mod. Its appearance is very similar to Cyan Wool.


Making one piece of Soulweave Cloth requires 5 souls and any color of wool in the Altar of Souls, just like the Livingmetal Ingots.


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A full set of Soulweave.

Soulweave Cloth has two purposes: decoration and armor. As an armor, it grants the same protection as Leather.


Soulweave Cloth clears the negative effects of drinking souls from the Soulweave Cloth apart from hunger to disappear. When one drinks souls from a Essence Keeper or Vessel while wearing the set of Soulweave Cloth armor the effects last longer.

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