The Specter Lord is a hostile boss mob added by the Better Dungeons mod.  It appears as a ghost-like, translucent human mob with no armor and a cape, wielding the sword Morning Shine.  The Specter Lord has a feather in its hair like a Better Dungeons mob captain.  A constant Mining Fatigue potion effect is applied to the Specter Lord, possibly because it slows the arm swing speed.


When targeting a player, the Specter Lord can only be hit by normal weapons while he is swinging his sword.  He is always vulnerable to direct fire damage, explosion damage, and unblockable damage.  When the Specter Lord is not targeting a player, he is vulnerable to all damage.

Although he has no special attacks, he can be difficult to defeat because he can only be damaged at close range while the player is vulnerable to attacks as well.  Ranged weapons are difficult to use against the Specter Lord, even with Flame applied, because the initial damage is avoided, so the fire damage never occurs.


The Specter Lord spawns naturally in Better Dungeons castles with the default mob set in the configuration file and the castle is located between 4000 - 5000 blocks from spawn.

In creative mode, the Specter Lord can be spawned using the Specter Lord item (id 7607:510) which looks like Morning Shine.

Natural Enemies

The Specter Lord will immediately attack the following mobs when within range:


  • The Specter Lord does not despawn.
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