Spectral Miner is a dangerous mob added by Harken Scythe. They closely resemble Herobrine. It can only be harmed by a damage from a Scythe or a sword with the Soulsteal augment (not Soul Stealer, which is from the Soul Shards mod). Other forms of damage will have no effects whatsoever.

2013-06-24 10.21.27
Harken Scythe - Spectral Miner

A Spectral Miner in Mob form (left) and Soul form (right)

The Spectral Miner spawns with one of five Vanilla Pickaxes. When in close proximity of a Spectral Miner, the player suffers from a Blindness debuff. It lasts until the Miner is killed or the player moves away.

Spawn Location/BehaviorEdit

The Spectral Miner is a hostile mob that spawns underground, appearing as a dropped Soul floating in place. When the player attempts to collect its soul, it reveals its true appearance and becomes hostile. Spectral Miners have low movement speed, and it will stalk any player within its vicinity. At close range it will strike the player with its pickaxe. An Ectoplasm (Mob) may spawn when a Spectral Miner takes damage. When killed it can drop the pickaxe it was holding.


  • Spectral Miners are immune to nearly all forms of damage in the game besides the mentioned methods. Void damage (Verification Needed) does not seem to be inflicted.
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